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In uncertain times, it is understandable for most investors to question some of the very basic ideas about saving, spending and investing. Yet, the markets may offer great opportunity and rewards for those who are positioned to take advantage of those opportunities.

Even though the investment environment is extraordinarily complex, the principles underpinning successful investment strategies remain constant. Oftentimes however, we see investor behavior that is nevertheless rooted in Conventional Wisdom, emotion or simply hype. It is all too common to see investors driven by the fear of loss or the fear of missing out. Therefore, we believe the pivotal objective sought by every investor as well as every investment advisor and asset manager, should be the push to achieve a balance between growing assets and preserving capital.

At Carington Financial, it is our mission to guide you the investor, throughout your financial journey. We seek to ensure that our clients are carefully positioned to take advantage of favorable market conditions, while limiting the risks associated with market volatility and inconsonant asset allocation. Moreover, our proven planning methodology adroitly coordinates existing employer and/or government benefits to create a holistic integration of all of your assets with the intent of achieving more consistent results when developing long-term income plans.

Client Centered

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You deserve a thoughtful, long-term approach to building and protecting your wealth. Our responsibility in managing money is rooted in an unwavering commitment to risk management tailored to help you pursue your financial goals, regardless of market conditions. The key to long-term value-added performance, we believe, is through a disciplined investment process, focused on risk management.

Accordingly, we dedicate an extensive amount of time engaging you in a process of discovery to learn what is important to you so that we can implement the investment strategies that best match you. We will endeavor to learn what motivates you, what would make your life better, and how your beliefs have shaped the relationship that you have with your money. Thus, we are better able to build and protect your future and ultimately lead you to the Financial Peace that you seek.

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