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Dave Ramsey is one of the most trusted names in personal finance. Through his radio show, podcast, conferences, books, and his Financial Peace University, Dave has been a leader in helping people get on their financial feet, pay off debt, and build wealth. As a result, Dave often has people asking who to trust with financial matters like insurance, real estate, and investments. From these questions, The Dave Ramsey SmartVestor program was born.

Why Use a SmartVestor Pro?

A SmartVestor Pro is an investment or financial planning professional that has been vetted by Dave Ramsey’s organization and is listed on his website. These individuals align with Dave on his personal finance philosophy and investment strategy.

SmartVestor Pros provide a refreshing twist on financial planning.

With a SmartVestor Pro, you know for sure you’re getting the same type of advice Dave Ramsey would give. I have the heart of a teacher, not the attitude of a salesman. I’m also more than just a financial planner, I am someone you can relate to and share your dreams with.

SmartVestor Pros have a client-first mentality.

I will work with you to create a plan to help you work towards your goals. Our firm is independent and I hold a Series 65 license, so as a Fiduciary, our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients -- not to a parent company. SmartVestor Pros care about your future.

Like Dave, I believe that eliminating debt and investing for the long term is the ideal way to build wealth and prepare for retirement. I will fit your investments to your life, help you understand what you’re investing in and why, and encourage you to stick with your long-term goals.

The SmartVestor Program is a directory of investment professionals. Dave Ramsey, SmartVestor and Ramsey Solutions are unaffiliated with
Carington Financial and J.W. Cole Advisors, LLC.

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